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Maria Sharapova Boyfriend, Height, Net Worth

Maria Sharapova, an adept tennis player, was born on 19th of April 1987, in the city of Nyagan, Soviet Union. Maria’s parents, Elena and Yuri are from the city of Gomel, Belarus. In the year 1986, her parents got concerned about the disastrous effects of the ‘Chernobyl

Kevin Durant Girlfriend, Height, Net Worth, Weight, Age

Kevin Durant, a well-known basketball player, was born in 29th September 1988, in the city of Washington. He was raised by parents Wayne Pratt and Wanda, who raised Durant along with his grandmother, Barbara. Durant has two brothers and one sister. Since Kevin was a basketball player

Kobe Bryant Height, Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Girlfriend

Kobe Bean Bryant more popularly known as Kobe Bryant is an American professional and eminent basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers. He was born on August 23, 1978 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. After high school, Kobe started playing basketball as a professional. Overall, he has won 5

John Cena Girlfriend, Net Worth, Workout, Height, Age, Body

John Cena, an admired professional wrestler, a rapper and a bodybuilder, was born on 23rd of April in 1977, in the city of West Newburry. He is the son of John Cena Sr. and Carol. John is the second eldest brother among his siblings. His father came