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Katy Perry Bra Size, Net Worth, Height, Boyfriend, Age, Birthday

Katy Perry, a American business women, lyrics writer, singer, actress and a singer, was born on 25th of October 1984, in the city of Santa Barbara. Since her childhood she had very little exposure to mainstream music, but still she pursued a career in ‘gospel music’ as

Hayden Panettiere Boyfriend, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Age, Body

She is a model cum voice actress, an activist and a singer, was born on 21st of August 1989, in the city of Palisades. She is the daughter of fire department captain ‘Alan Lee’ and her mother Lesley Vogel, a former opera actress. Her schooling from ‘South Orangetown

Kristen Stewart Height, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Weight, Age, Birthday

Kristen Stewart, a popular and hardworking artist, was born on 9th of April 1990, in the city of Los Angeles. Kristen’s father, John Stewart, is known as television producer and a stage manager, who has worked for Fox since several years. Her mother, Jules Stewart, is a