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Melissa Rauch Bra Size, Height, Net Worth

Melissa Rauch, a lady comedian and an American raised actress, was born on 23rd of June 1980, in the town of Marlboro. Her father was David Rauch, a businessman and her mother is known by the name “Susan”.  While studying at ‘Marlboro School’, she then got interested

Kanye West Height, Net Worth, Birthday, Age, Girlfriend

Kanye West, a famous hip hop artist, a record producer, a lyrics writer and an entrepreneur, was born on 8th of June 1977, in the city of Atlanta. Kanye was just 3 years old, when his parents divorced and then he along with her mother moved to

Lil Kim Plastic Surgery, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Height

Lil Kim, also known by her original name ‘Kimberly Denise Jones’, a record producer, a rapper, lyrics writer and an actress, was born on 11th of July 1974, in the city of Brooklyn. Her father is known by the name Linwood Jones and her mother’s name is